Tim Brown

  • When an ish is here, you should have no fear, so go and pop open another beer!

    This will be a November to dismember, as The Last Word’s November issue is pub, and it’s a beaut!

    This edition talks about the rejection of a local gentrification boondoggle, cops and judges talking about bubble gum, Dungeons & Dragons tantrums, my high school’s…[Read more]

  • The coming of October means the October issue of The Last Word is pub, and it’s a big one!

    This ish talks about a looming gentrification disaster, a trip to Shenandoah National Park and the accompanying bonfire, a person spitting out gum at Oktoberfest, wastage and filth at Chick-fil-A, a dine-and-dash at Big Boy, the cable company blaming…[Read more]

  • What ever happened to John “Pee Pee Poo Poo” Crawford? I haven’t heard from him in about 20 years.

  • Ba-de-ya! The Septermber issue of The Last Word is now pub, and it’s pooping a hole plumb through your panatloons!

    This ish talks about my public takedown of a local right-wing politician, airlines thinking they own everything, Mister Rogers swearing, Wikipedia fake news, people intentionally ruining comic books and baseball cards, prank 911…[Read more]

  • August! It turns me upside-down! And we all know that August wouldn’t be August if the August ish of The Last Word didn’t fall from the sky and slime you!

    This issue discusses a contractor being let off easy for violating local ordinances, the return of bubble gum to Kroger, a Magic: The Gathering card getting ruined, the wastage of bananas and…[Read more]

  • Lean back, relax, and bubble a bub or two as you enjoy the July edition of The Last Word – your road atlas to freedom!

    This ish talks about the nuisances created by a luxury housing development, right-wing sabotage of bicycling routes, guests vandalizing Airbnbs, environmental benefits of bubble gum, a possible pirate radio station of the ’80s,…[Read more]

  • June wouldn’t be June if I didn’t fill it with the June edition of The Last Word, that fanzine of food, folks, and fun!

    This ish talks about the gross purloinage of a wallet, the ruinment of valuable 8-tracks, Kmart baseball cards, MTV’s idiotic license promotion, people getting expelled from college, gum, GoFundMe scamming safe space donors, and…[Read more]

  • Time to do your monthly pooper pointing with another action-packed ish of The Last Word!

    This edition talks about a criminal refusing to get a job after leaving prison, damning evidence against NKU in the expulsion case, more ruinment of celebrity autographs and comic books, the cable company ruining our TV speaker, bubble gum getting gunked with…[Read more]

  • April wouldn’t be April if the April issue of The Last Word didn’t loom!

    This edition is rather nondescript by our standards but a dynamo nonetheless! In this installment, we talk about a flood that destroyed rare baseball cards, glue being wasted in 8th grade, decorative soap, people stealing from Kroger and UDF, musical farts, and more!

    So…[Read more]

  • As The Last Word shuffles along after 26 years, the March issue is pub, and it’s a beaut!

    This ish blasts ‘The Bachelor’ and talks about a ruined Morton Downey Jr. poster, people ruining records by playing them on a Victrola, the “cheaters edition” of Monopoly, a terrible East German car, and more!

    Thy pooper should be pointed plumb-bob…[Read more]

  • The February issue of The Last Word is published, and it’s a biggie – perhaps the meatiest in a couple years!

    This ish talks about the ruination of National Geographic magazines, our hilariously bad student media, my scuttled plans to return to college, my bungling of a standardized test, people spitting out bananas, the inevitable disposal of a…[Read more]

  • The January issue of The Last Word is pub-a-dub-dub, and it talks about all sorts of nifty things!

    This edition talks about discarding a broken radio, the 1980s computer game Eastern Front, the POP command in Atari BASIC, my desire to become a pirate, a person breaking an antique beer bottle, and other cool topics!

    So point your pooper…[Read more]

  • This is a December to dismember, as yet another issue of The Last Word is published, thus making your face fly off in public!

    This ish talks about all sorts of cool things, among them…

    • A kid throwing a tantrum at Kroger.

    • My new money-making e-book.

    • A person chewing gum at an Abraham Lincoln historic site.

    • Shipping companies losing…[Read more]

  • Around the start of each month, everyone is always teetering on the edge of their toilet seat for the latest issue of The Last Word, and this month is no exception!

    The November ish has been published, and it talks about all sorts of fi things! This includes my trip to Zion National Park and the flatulence that filled it, people ruining Speak &…[Read more]

  • Did you know that the October issue of The Last Word is now published? Cool people know. But what about you?

    This ish talks about lots of cool stuff! There’s something for everyone, including…

    • People losing brand new drones.

    • A ruined Kentucky Derby poster.

    • Janet Jackson talking about bubble gum constantly.

    • The long-awaited reveal…[Read more]

  • The September issue of The Last Word is now pub-a-roo, and guess what? It’s our Back-to-School edition, people! Doesn’t that make you just want to watch ‘Sesame Street’ until your face flies off in public?

    This ish talks about many pibtacular things, including these and more…

    • My electric bicycle and class consciousness.

    • A burning toi…[Read more]

  • Good afternoon, comrades!

    The August edition of The Last Word is now pub, and – not unlike usual – it talks about some important things. This ish discusses an exciting neighborhood dumpster fire, bubble gum in a tube, the continuing decline of Honeycomb, Strawberry Shortcake cereal tasting funny, YouTube flagging a video because a person chewed…[Read more]

  • No July would be complete without the July issue of The Last Word, your road atlas to freedom!

    This ish talks about tonsil stones, psychiatry protecting dominionism, putting pepper in Super Bubble to thwart gum thieves, watching TV shows just for the poo humor, people fighting over Bubble Tape, an art pen offer in a cereal box, and more!

    So I…[Read more]

  • June wouldn’t be June if it didn’t have the June issue of The Last Word to fart in your face throughout the totality of that month.

    This ish is a beaut as usual, and it talks about numerous nifty things like these…

    • Right-wingers’ made-up complaints about everyone else buying big-screen TV’s.

    • A certain high school wasting over $5 mil…[Read more]

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