Unfortunately we need to set up some guidelines here for the discussions.  I am not someone who wants to censor people, however,  WMZ is a place for positive discussions about zines. It is not a place to pick fights, name call or put down people.

If you have a beef with someone email them or go to their website and post, but do not fill up the discussions or comments with hateful words.

From now on, the people on staff at WMZ (currently this is just me, but people may be added on in the future) reserve the right to delete a comment or thread or to ban a member for the following:

  • Any comments that are racist, sizeist, sexist or homophobic. This does not mean you cannot disagree with someone, you just cannot result to name calling. This can get your comments or thread deleted.
  • Everyone here is at a different level, some are just starting out and some are in their 3rd or 4th decade of making zines. Please respect where each other is in their experience and do not make assumptions or condescend to each other.
  • If you do not fill out your page stating what you do in the way of zines and only contribute to WMZ with aggressive comments or repeated ads you can be banned without notice.
  • Name calling is not tolerated. Comments and threads can be deleted and members can be banned because of this. Again, if you have a problem with someone email them directly.
  • If you do not like a forum subject – do not post on it, If you do not like a member – do not engage with them. Taking the time to post that someone’s zine sucks or that they are an asshole is not acceptable.
  • Stay on Topic. If you are responding to a thread, you are responding to that topic. As long as you do that and do that with respect then all should be good.
  • Keep in mind that you have chosen to be on We Make Zines and your conduct is a way to show your love and respect for zines, zine culture and zine makers and readers.

Thank you. I hope that we can all keep WMZ growing as the positive and zine happy place it is.

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