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    Tim Brown

    The coming of October means the October issue of The Last Word is pub, and it’s a big one!

    This ish talks about a looming gentrification disaster, a trip to Shenandoah National Park and the accompanying bonfire, a person spitting out gum at Oktoberfest, wastage and filth at Chick-fil-A, a dine-and-dash at Big Boy, the cable company blaming sunspots for its own incompetence, a photo album ruining baseball cards, a person running records through a dishwasher, antique Christmas ornaments and wedding china being destroyed, the Franklin Mint’s bad instructions for its coin sets, and more!

    So point your pooper here…

    If that doesn’t work, bubble over here…

    Click to access lw1910.pdf

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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