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    Kari Tervo

    Hey zine-stars! We share our zines and zine triumphs and zine woes here on WMZ, but most of us aren’t zining 100% of the time.

    I what to know what other things you like! What do you get up to outside of zining?

    I’ve recently taken up a craft called quilling. It’s a paper art. I’d never heard of quilling before, but I found a book out by the trash and thought, hrm, I could do that. I’m still pretty new at it, but I’ve made a few fun projects. Below are links to photos of a couple of them.

    Please share what other activities you’re into!



    Kari Tervo

    If you want to upload a photo to this and there’s not already a link to it, here is Darkroomist’s handy how-to:

    “You can upload a photo in your activity stream (under your profile, activity). If you want to use an image elsewhere on the site you can right click an image uploaded this way and use that link in groups or forums.”

    Ricardo Obsolete

    Quilling sounds cool! I’m getting into traditional book-binding…trying to find some cool (but fast) alternatives to the saddle-stitch stapler…


    Great idea for a post. I collect vintage paper ephemera and seel on Etsy ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/thecedarchest ). I also do mail art and general paper crafts.

    I also created a dvd from my father’s video and sell his documentary online – http://www.giftsofaneagle.com I also work for a craft store, so I am always wanting to make a million crafts.


    That’s cool@ I have seen this before but didn’t realize quilling was the name of this craft.

    I do lots of crafty things but never complete anything. I have 3 plastic totes FULL of wallpaper samples I say I’m going to use for stuff but don’t. I have been the lucky winner of 2 large plastic totes of vintage fabric that I want to use but can’t commit. I mean it’s vintage, what if I waste it?!

    PS Freecycle.org is the best for free crafting supplies to hoard.

    Besides hording crafting supplies, I like to play video games. I’m kind of pro at that. Does that count?!


    Rose Chateau

    I’m a fine artist. I do portraits for people.
    Sometimes I make jewlery.
    The most interesting thing about me might be my pets. I have 21 tarantula, 3 scorpion, 3 snakes, 4 parakeets, 1 frog and one Savannah monitor. I love each and every one of them.


    whoa, that’s a lot of pets! Do they all have names? Every tarantula?


    I draw, paint and make photographs. I also like to hike. I live in Los Angeles, so there is a lot of city to explore too. I like riding the subway/light rail just to see where it takes me.
    I used to be a camera man for low-budget horror movies but I haven’t shot anything in a while. Also I like most art projects, including mail art.

    Hazey Recollect

    Hooray for Mail Art Ed! I haven’t participated in years but I am trying to get back into the papernet. I’m pretty jazzed about my new P.O.Box since it’s been about 8 years since I last had one. Also, I’m very interested in hearing more about filming low-budget horror films!

    I, personally, like to do so much but never finish anything. I enjoying sewing, crochet, gardening, reading, learning, doodling, writing, making shrinky dink earrings (mostly in the form of middle fingers. If you want a pair mail me a SASE and I’ll do my best), mailing things and getting mail, hiking, identifying plants, foraging, herbalism, drinking tea, and drinking alcohol.

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