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    So in doing some research for The Great Distro Thread I came across the Twelveohtwo Distro. But here’s the thing, the site hasn’t posted an update since Dec 8th, 2016. Now I’m not faulting them. By their very nature Zines and Distros are ephemeral, they come and go. If you enjoy zines for more than a couple years the fleeting nature of media will be something you encounter and accept. So how long can a Distro be dormant before you say “Eh, probably not.” and move on? 6mo, a year, two years?


    I guess that’s a benefit to having a shopfront within a bigger name like Etsy or BigCartel. Your shop is just a shop and not necessarily attached to a blog where the last time you posted can be a deciding factor on when you buy.

    The last post being in 2016 combined with that post about it being a quiet/personally busy year means I personally would move on. I’d have a niggle of hesitation starting at ‘last posted a month ago’ and just plain not if it hit six months.

    It also depends on what stock they have and whether I’m really wanting something particular that I can’t find elsewhere. In those sorts of circumstances, I would probably still get in contact first.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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