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    James N. Dawson

    A couple weeks ago I mailed an envelope of zines and letter to my friend Dave Szurek. It was returned a couple days ago saying “no forwarding”.

    Dave is an old fanzinester who focused on grindhouse, B-movies and movies in general. His health has been failing. He’s 69. I’m hoping for the best, but bracing myself for the worst.

    His old on-line haunt, Cypress Lawn Country Club ( is turning up a dead link, so I can’t contact his circle of friends on that forum to see if they know anything. He was a good friend of zinester Alan Fare, inactive for a while, who was on the old We Make Zines. Dave had very spotty Internet access, due to immobility and low income.

    So I’m asking anybody here to get the word out to see how Dave is, if they might happen to know anybody who knew him.

    Many thanks.

    Fred Hamilton

    James, I tried to send you a message in relation to this post, but typing your name in as the recipient, was told it was not a valid user name.

    Dave and his wife are now staying in an assisted living facility, and I recently got a post office letter from him saying he could not find your current mailing address.

    The only address I could find for you as a zine publisher is:

    PO Box 613
    Redwood Valley
    CA 95407

    I am already late in responding to Dave’s letter, and want to get a reply to him in the mail tomorrow. If I can send you a message, I will give you Dave’s mailing address, since I am not sure if he would want it posted to the forum or not.

    Thank you for your concern about Dave. Parker, and Romany and i have all been very concerned about him also.

    Romany did start a second CLCC message board after the old one crashed, but it also crashed soon after it started, and to date she has not made another attempt to start another board.

    James N. Dawson

    Fred, thanks so much. I’m afraid I’d already kind of resigned myself to the worst case scenario. Glad I was wrong.

    My address is on my profile. I moved from CA years ago.

    As soon as I get an address for Dave, I’ll be sure to send him some zines.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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