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    Hi guys! I’m making a zine called “Fine. Then Die With It.” It’s yet another zine about functioning when you’re mentally ill and/or mentally disabled and/or traumatized. I would like to have a variety of viewpoints and emotions towards mental issues (attitudes toward recovery, towards medication, towards yourself, etc.)

    The purpose of this zine is to make a platform for expression that shows all the diverse kinds of attitudes and reactions one may have to being the way they are–including intersections with race, ethnicity, other disabilities, gender, sexuality, body types, age, etc.

    If you submit, you have the option of getting a short ‘about me’ blurb at the back of the zine that says some stuff about you. It’s only an option though!! I’m sorry that I don’t have any money to give to those who submit, but if you submit you get a high quality digital copy and physical copies as well (black and white, for the aesthetics and also because I am so, so very broke). For right now, everyone who submits will get into the zine, because this is the first real issue.

    Anyone is welcome to submit any kind of art, poetry, or other forms of writing (please nothing very long!!)
    – If you submit art please make sure it’s a very high quality file/photo/scan so I can have it as clear as possible! Please also be aware that it will be in black and white.
    – Writing should be about less than 1000-1200 words (give or take), please!
    – Please also include a very short (3-4 sentence) bio and maybe a pic of yourself if you wish to have the blurb! If you want, you can include social media, zine blogs, etc.
    – If you wish to include a little thing about your art or writing and what it means to you, that is super cool as well!
    – You gotta be okay with having your work publicized. If I can, I’ll be handing out these issues at art shows, concerts, etc.
    – ALL MENTAL ILLNESSES/DISABILITIES/EXPERIENCES ARE WELCOME. The only requirement is that you have to have a life-impacting mental condition. Doesn’t matter what it is.
    – Please also be aware that if your work is graphic or possibly upsetting, I will be adding warnings for the safety of others.

    If you have any questions please ask here!

    Please title your email “FTDWI Zine”
    Thanks guys I love you

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