• Zippity Zinedra posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Most of my zines have been converted to PDF’s & since going to the post office is becoming increasingly difficult and unsafe during COVID 19, I’m offering any PDF zines to folks for free. Trades are welcome too. Send a message or email:

    If you wish to support my etsy shop, they can be found here:

    The zines available in PDF are:

    -Imperfection Personified

    -Imperfection Personified 2

    -Imperfection Personified 3

    -Imperfection Personified 4

    -Negative Scissors

    -Negative Scissors 2

    -Negative Scissors 3

    -Lackluster Clusterfuck

    -Lackluster Clusterfuck 2

    -Someone Stranger #5: The Silent Pen Issue

    -A Paw-culiar Cuteness: cat & dog zine

    Falling Apart: on death, grief, mourning & loss will be converted to PDF in a few days.

    Am working on the perzine Negative Scissors 4 and will possibly have it ready by next week. It will be available in PDF only.

    Also, I’ve decided to push back the release of Someone Stranger #6: the twisted nerve issue
    and aim to have it ready by Halloween since it’s a horror zine.

    Take care and stay safe.