• Zippity Zinedra posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Imperfection Personified 4 includes issues I’ve been focusing on in my personal life through journal entries. Some topics are serious and other topics are lighthearted: taking steps, accountability, boundaries, becoming aware of unhealthy behaviors in myself & trying different approaches to unlearn them, musings on my cat, a list of my favorite scents, buying discounted chips at the grocery store, being introverted, etc.
    The zine is not done in stream of consciousness but in drips and puddles writing style.
    With a collage on the back cover and the cover page metaphorically depicts throwing myself back into the water, this zine has a lot of heart(s) and unlike the three previous issues: a process of growth.
    IP4 is available for trades or
    it can be purchased thru my etsy shop: