• Zippity Zinedra posted an update 7 months ago

    Just in time for International Zine Month!
    “Negative Scissors 3” and “Lackluster Clusterfuck 2.”
    This first one (NS3) is a 14 page perzine, done in cut & paste style, typed and black & white photocopy. The second one (LC2) is a poetry slash randomness zine. It’s 14 pages, typed and black & white photocopy.
    They are available in my etsy shop:
    If you’d like to trade zines, send an email to:

    On another note: my etsy shop is having a 20% off sale on all zines. It runs from July 21 until July 31.
    My shop will be having a 2 day sale on all pins sometime in August so if you are interested in a pin or two, stay tuned to this page. I will be posting the date before the sale to give folks a heads up.