• Jen Y posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Having an “I will publish this six times a year” pledge tied to your work can get really challenging. Sometimes it takes ages to bring an issue together, but sometimes it just starts to flow really well one day and (before you know it yet also thanks to a load of blood, sweat and tears!) it’s there. About a week ago this one just started to come together… it’s such a good feeling that!

    • Wow Jen! I cannot imaging publishing 6 issues in one year. I once published 2 issues in the same year and had to go out for Greek food to celebrate.

      • hehe! But a well-earned slap up meal it was too I bet 🙂

        It does kinda suck your creative energies, there are a couple of other subject zines I wanna make but I always find that all my spoons are gone.
        I feel like I’m making an 80s drug campaign post here. “Periodical small press publishing can really mess you up. Do you wanna be found sniffing inky pages straight from the print house while normal people are having fun? Just say no, kids!”