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    Darkroomist - "Just arrived, pretty excited! Only $7.15 shipped to my door off amazon."View
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    Ed - "Issue 5 of my zine, “QRK5,” is done! Well, mostly done. I still have some folding and stapling to do."View
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    Billy - ""View
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    Nyx - "The Zine Collector Podcast is now available on: Pippa: https://shows.pippa.io/thezinecollector YouTube: (search ‘The Zine Collector’) Also on Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Cast Box"View
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    Krissy - "International Zine Month starts Sunday. Here’s a list of ways you can celebrate zines all month! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnmvcabwkxn1qp9/IZM2018posterx2.pdf?dl=0"View
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    CWP - "Hello zine pals (-: I am gearing up for the second Street Cat Zine Fest in August! Registration is now open. (-: Please consider mailing us some zines if you can’t make it in person. Find out all the info here: […]"View
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    Dylan Ce - "A pic from the inside of Handsome Boy Pilot minizine, a one-off art and poetry 8pg mini I did to put into grab bags."View
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