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    [Call for submissions of visual art]

    The Arospec Poetry Network is seeking submissions from arospec (= who belong on the aromantic spectrum) visual artists to illustrate the third issue of its collective art/poetry zine “Don’t Talk To Me Of Love”.

    This issue will center around the theme of seasons.

    Artists have the choice between directly submitting original content related to this theme, or getting in touch with our members to work in closer relation and illustrate a particular piece of poetry.

    We accept traditional art, digital art, photography, comics (1 to 2 pages), … You can always get in touch if you’re not sure whether you’re artwork would fit our zine.

    Please do not submit more than three pieces at a time, and include titles for your pieces.

    All rights will remain with the artists. Since the zine is a free publication, we cannot offer financial compensation.

    Due date for submissions is May 30th.
    The zine should be released in July.

    You can contact us and/or send in your submissions per e-mail: or through tumblr: @arospecpoetrynet.