C Fish



C Fish


Largo Fl


Numerous Mini- Zines:

-I Have No Idea If It Will Get Any Better

-A Totally True Story about Nothing

-If I Could Go Anywhere

-Every Creature in this Zine is Named Fred

-Ideas from the Fish Bowl Edition 1

So you wanna be Commie Scum

-pt1. Intro

-pt2. Listen Up

-pt3. Labor

-pt4. The Tale of 2 Classes

-pt5. The Long Road

Lyric Guides/ Song Inspired

-Acoustic Punk of Drifting Thing and Houseworth

-Song of the United Front

-What did you learn in School today?

-Mr. Block

-All You Fascists Bound to Lose

-Why Didn’t It Work?

-Mother Anarchy

-If I had a rocket launcher


(list more of em later when I have the time)