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    So I’ve had a typewriter for years but used it mainly as a photo prop for some time. I think it was Alex Wrekk’s Stolen Sharpie Revolution that got me interested in doing a cut and paste zine which it presently in progress. My handwriting is horrid so naturally a typewriter seems the next best bet.

    My original type writer is a Remington Quiet Riter. Even with a new ribbon it’s rough to use, though I’ve sent out a few letters with it. It’s a bit of a bear, no 1 key (use a lower case l) no ! (use an apostrophe, backspace period), etc. Plus the difference between a computer keyboard and an all mechanical keyboard is very akin to an electric guitar vs an acoustic.

    So while at the thrift store I found a Smith Corona XD 6700. A memory typewriter. Almost a word processor for folks that remember 1990’s era monstrosities. For a typewriter this thing is awesome! You can write in “line” mode where there’s a single line lcd that saves your typing then types it when you press enter. You can correct words and it’ll even beep at you when you spell something wrong. You can type in normal mode, you can put a whole 8.5×11 sheet in sideways for zine making. Oh, and there’s built in correction, forget white-out! Finally, and the biggest bonus is FONT WHEELS. Yussss! The whole unit ran me $16 but I think I’ve spent more than that (just barely) on font wheels on eBay. Oh, and a new cartridge (tape).. $4! Here’s my new baby 🙂

    Do any of you have and use a typewriter? What kind? What do you like/dislike about it? Typist tips?

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