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    Tim Brown

    This is a December to dismember, as yet another issue of The Last Word is published, thus making your face fly off in public!

    This ish talks about all sorts of cool things, among them…

    • A kid throwing a tantrum at Kroger.

    • My new money-making e-book.

    • A person chewing gum at an Abraham Lincoln historic site.

    • Shipping companies losing beer shipments.

    • A feather fetishist who shoplifted.

    • Mister Rogers displaying his middle finger.

    • Bad reviews for a My Little Pony toy.

    • Cassette singles!

    So point your pooper here…

    Lest you can’t read it on Scribd, you can find the latest ish here…

    Click to access lw1812.pdf

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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