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    New York’s offline DIY culture

    I came across this cool article about a couple of DIY newspapers that are circulating in New York these days, and I’m interested in the way that both the author of this article and some of the creators interviews bundle together “commercial imperatives, branding, the internet, and politics” as if the first two have completely infected the last two.

    I’ve turned to zines more and more lately as I’ve fallen out of love with social media and the internet in general, and I’m curious how others in the zine-o-sphere feel about this strange re-balancing of the private/diy/anti-consumerist sphere against the commericalised modern day internet. In a way it feels like the Wild West has been conquered by corporations, and those with “unnacceptable” bodies, identities, and opinions are choosing to turn their attention away from the online world and more to meatspace.

    I’m also curious to know how others have used self-publishing to foster community in their irl spaces. My zines have always been very niche sort of pieces, but I’d love to start writing something like this for my local art/music scene. Has anyone else done a regular zine based on local events?

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