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Jenna Appleseed

<post glitches and vanishes if I try to post an image and a link with text in the same post>

& have a new (ish) call for submisions up on tumblr
Call For Submissions / How To Contribute

“I’m looking for anything about/inspired by Beach Boy Dennis Wilson . Any style of art / writing is welcome.
No set topic/theme except I’m working on a piece + some digital collage art about and inspired by Dennis singing The Beach Boys song Angel Come Home on The Midnight Special (video here and would like to include some more art /opinions on/inspired by the performance.
How to submit/apply: send me something for the zine, either via here / other social media or /
If I like it it’ll get included in Issue 2 or a future issue, and you’ll get a free copy if your submission is used.
That’s it.
No portfolio applications needed.

Slightly tweaked old call for submissions from my thread on We Make Zines

“I’m looking for anything about/inspired by Dennis Wilson (solo/The Beach Boys/Pacific Ocean Blue).Submissions are ongoing for future issue & possibly print edition(s).
Need both artists & writers + photography – especially additional content on You Are So Beautiful, Angel Come Home *esp Dennis performing it with The Beach Boys on The Midnight Special* , and offical/unofficial Dennis/Beach Boys t shirts.

Anything from illustrations to memes, writings, reviews, bootlegs, memories, tributes, rants, comics, Dennis related pop culture/rock n roll / Beach Boys mythology, parody(?) pop mag / annual features (puzzles, fact files, paper dolls etc.), confessions/unpopular opinions, anything really, as long as it’s (mostly) Dennis focused and can fit in a pdf or print zine (Can’t include audio/video streams or gifs but writing about them with links is fine). Can be as serious or trashy/piss taking as you want.” ”