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Cool. That makes sense. But like, you just said that half your sampling was by readers, not creators, but that’s part of what I found limiting; i’m a reader AND creator. The most limiting part of the survey was only being able to choose one answer per question.

Zines I create, I don’t mind them being archived. I love that idea, actually. But some zines have more sensitive info than others, some zines i love the idea of being searchable, other zines not so much. Some zines I’ve put out under different names, and I’m sure it’s possible to track those down and tie them together, but I’d rather no one ever do that! ha.

But as a reader, I can’t say what other people want done with their zines.

For me, once you create a zine that is for sale, it’s public information. If you make 10 copies an hand them to friends, maybe that’s not the case, but once you make a product to sell, to friends or to strangers equally, then that’s public information, and anything in it is public. Not everyone feels that way.

anyway, good luck!