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Ricardo Obsolete

Hi Billy- Thanks for taking it and thanks for the feedback. Yup- it is limiting, sort of by design- I’m trying to get at how people feel about having their zines archived, particularly in searchable online databases. My thought is that some zinesters may be sharing sensitive info in zines that aren’t intended for a wider audience, and that online archives might be a violation of privacy to some degree. I got some interesting results from the survey, but you are right- I really need to redesign it and re-word the questions and distribute it again to get clearer data. This was my first modest attempt. From the somewhat limited sampling, it seems like most people are actually okay with online archiving without permission, so my assumption may be totally wrong. However, 1/2 the sampling were readers not creators- so right there, I can see that I need o do a survey for creators only to get a legit outcome.

I’ll post the results for people to check out, and maybe I can get feedback from people before trying it again. Thanks again!!