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Fred Hamilton

James, I tried to send you a message in relation to this post, but typing your name in as the recipient, was told it was not a valid user name.

Dave and his wife are now staying in an assisted living facility, and I recently got a post office letter from him saying he could not find your current mailing address.

The only address I could find for you as a zine publisher is:

PO Box 613
Redwood Valley
CA 95407

I am already late in responding to Dave’s letter, and want to get a reply to him in the mail tomorrow. If I can send you a message, I will give you Dave’s mailing address, since I am not sure if he would want it posted to the forum or not.

Thank you for your concern about Dave. Parker, and Romany and i have all been very concerned about him also.

Romany did start a second CLCC message board after the old one crashed, but it also crashed soon after it started, and to date she has not made another attempt to start another board.