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We’re a part of the Golden horde alliance though

January 7 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

In all seriousness, if it’s visible and makes images more intriguing (not really rainbow but cool effects), I’d likely buy to encourage the game.Or significantly more easily via IRL money versus in-game money/farming, I will EVE Echoes ISK cancel my omega and uninstall the game.Don’t they already do this though? I’m pretty sure you can purchase much AUR as you want, convert it to PLEX at 1:1, covert PLEX to ISK at market rate, and purchase whatever is on the marketplace without farming for a single minute.

True but it would not be too difficult to throw the isk you would get for… Let’s say 15$. And also you can get everything without paying anything.While in other games I have played, some things are litterally IMPOSSIBLE to get without paying (or an absurd quantity of fortune ), and also the pay wall are so large that only people who pay can access to the top.Well. Folks just love to kill shiny expensive ships…I mean actually love to do it.

The PLEX and AUR systems are sort of bottlenecks by skill development, But they’re still P2W. Sure they keep things honest for a little EVE Echoes ISK For Sale while, since you may have a shitload of money and a fancy buttocks ship but be unable to match anything useful in it because you’re not cap stable, or your firearms are too feeble. But after you’re proficient up, what is to stop you from purchasing the most expensive ships and fittings with money instantly? I have never liked the notion of PLEX, it had been supposed to assist with the RMT, but they’re still out there in ridiculous amounts, still selling Isk and whatever else you would like.


January 7
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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