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That Is A Major Advantage

December 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

I missed spectral and RuneScape gold celestial sigils in 3 kills, (spec-kill-divine) in a 50 man group. Then I lost that LSP since I’d long chain of exams. I’m also quite fed up because everybody just flames me using SOL despite its stat advantages with a rune protector, are far better than those of the ZS. If you choose”other” please make certain to mention exactly what in a specific article.

HeyI have sone questions regarding the fishing skill. Right now I’ve 65 in fishing and I’am fishing lobster. Do you know at what ability level we start gaining more income by grabbing swordies than lobster? Many people say that I need to get my mining to 85+ for runite ore because it gives over 500k/h:rolleyes: and a few tell me to sitck with fishing because I have 65 in it, however aready I dont profit that much money by lobbies.

Does it worth more spending time on mining(Because of the summer and I will have alot of time) or keep with fishing ability? For me I dont make more than 40k-80k an hour by lobbies and for me thats insufficient and too long for the time I spend it, if I had access to the fishing guilde I would likely remain wiht that, however iam f2p, so I think ima go together with mining.

Even if I get 300k/h thats great for me because Iam not a member and at f2p you have nothing expensive to purchase anyhow so, and I jsut missing 2.5m in an pvp worldI totally forget all my cash that in my inventory (2.5m but still its annoying loosing that, well I died first, than I went to lumbridge bank to purchase back my stuffs, and I neglect it wasnt a secure zone in lumbridge) (umm the swordies gloves gives a quicker catching rate or jsut 100exp more)? And is there anything fun to do in f2p. . .seriously Iam getting bored, I start thinking its a waste of Buy old school rs gold time when I dont move in p2p.


December 18, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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