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Franchise mode is basically season mode

January 3 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

I have time after work now and dug into it with Mut 21 coins my information (well, attempted ). . I believe that you’d need to structure it to wherever you copy/paste the CSV’s to”import” tabs and then build your own PivotTable based off the information from these tabs instead of external source. . A pretty major overhaul. Oh no… I only understood PowerPivot isn’t available for Mac Excel at the moment.

Just chiming in to say I love love love this instrument! For the first time ever playing Madden Franchise I’m excited about every player on my roster and now have a stable salary cap that is only going to get better when a few overpaid real contracts move off the books this season. I simply love having a plan for how my team will grow and evolve from year to year and I’ve never needed more assurance in that strategy than because I started with this. The simple fact that it is really easy to use a current roster in real time, simply blows my mind and I really appreciate you sharing your expertise with us! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I felt the exact same way when I was doing my own franchise. It’s pretty fun finding players who are diamonds in the rough and watch them develop into studs. If you have some other fantastic ideas, just let me know!

I know, I get antsy towards the end of a season because I only need to arrive at the off-season to work in my team and have the ability to trade ! I did find something that might not be functioning properly in the Excel file. While I go to the DE tab, perhaps not all of the DEs are showing up. Each of the DEs are there in the My Team tab, however once I filter by team in the DE tab, just 2 of the 4 on my team are still there. I double checked that none of all those choices are chosen on top of the sheet. I tried with some other teams as well and same dilemma, sometimes no Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins players showed up. If you were able to look into if you get a chance, that will be great! The tool is super great overall, simply don’t want to miss out on any stud defense endings hiding behind a low OVR on a different group! That’s interesting. . I will need to look at that and let you know what I find.


January 3
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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