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Advertising on We Make Zines means you’ll reach people new to zines, people who are currently producing zines, people getting back into zines, readers of zines and zine distro owners. Half of the people who join are looking for places to find more zines. Having an ad on We Make Zines means that your ad will be seen on every page (including each person profile page).

Space is somewhat limited. Once I’m full I will update information here. I tried to put Paypal buttons on this site, but it wasn’t accepting the code. Please send payments to ponyboypress at yahoo dot com. With WMZ ads in the subject line, or email me at that address with any questions.

The Ads will be on the right hand side column and are first come first serve. If there are a lot of people wanting them there may be a limit on how long you can run them. As you may know this website is not free anymore and these ads will help pay for the yearly fee (which is currently on my credit card).

I really encourage distros to take up ads. Many of the people who I approve to join WMZ are new to zines and want to know where to get them.

Currently (June 2014) WMZ gets about 8,500 visitors a month. Most look at an average of 3 pages. 65% are new to the site. The U.S. compromises about 55% of visitors and after that the countries most represented are the U.K, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands.

Here are the Ad specifics:

Ads are sold for three months, 6 months and 1 year. The 1 year option is the best deal.

For now it’s $40.00 for three months (so, $13.33 a month), $60.00 for 6 months and $100.00 for a year.

The ads are jpeg/png images that are 204 x 265. You can do shorter than that if you want, but it needs to be 204 wide. You provide the ad. Animated gifs are okay as long as they aren’t crazy fast. Your ads will show up on every page on this site on right hand side.

Ads are what is keeping WMZ alive. Please contact me or paypal the amount of ad you want to ponyboypress at yahoo dot com. Thank you for your support.