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    Tabled at Zine Dream yesterday with some volunteers from the Toronto Zine Library. It was pretty good and busy. In the past, I’ve tabled by myself at zine fairs or with a friend. This time around was a different experience because instead of tabling for 7 hours straight, the tabling was split into shifts which made it a ton easier plus I got to check out the other vendors.
    There were a couple of vendors I keep seeing at zine fairs, like Amrit Brar who had been tabling at the “Queer Between the Covers” fair in Montreal the day before and billy from Femme Crimes Distro. There was one vendor who I went up to cause I had bought a zine from them at another fair. Told them “Never read a zine like this before.” This zine literally floored me and resonated deeply. It’s called “Kawai’s guide to falling in love with inappropriate persons”.
    I took a few photos, two with permission. The pictures are probably a bit blurry cause they were taken on my cell phone.