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    Darkroomist - "Saw this call for submissions on FB and Reddit so I thought I’d pass it along (not my project, just trying to amplify it a bit 🙂 )"View
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    josiah fishspit - "hey you all? who wants to read about getting shock treatments? if you do write me and let me know. i’ll send you my zine on getting e.c.t. for free. cheers to you all! fishspit out. p.s. don’t forget to […]"View
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    Frances DeMartino - "Hello all, I’m back home after several months away. I’m looking forward to catching up with what’s been going on here. Waving at you all from Cape Cod"View
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    Meeni Levi - "New mini-zine available! <3 https://payhip.com/b/yToB"View
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    Billy - "I don’t have internet at my house right now. So I’m not on here very often! Email me at iknowbilly AT gmail DOT com for a quicker reply."View
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    Quasifesto - "Zinesters death: I have UNCONFIRMED reports that Stephanie Webb, author of “Crawfish!” Has passed away. Can anyone confirm this? Also, does anyone have any of her work available to purchase or copy?"View
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    CWP - "Hello zine pals (-: I am gearing up for the second Street Cat Zine Fest in August! Registration is now open. (-: Please consider mailing us some zines if you can’t make it in person. Find out all the info here: […]"View
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    Dylan Ce - "A pic from the inside of Handsome Boy Pilot minizine, a one-off art and poetry 8pg mini I did to put into grab bags."View
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    Metaparadox - "Hmm… How can I get the Litchfield County Zine Fest added to the Events page? Here’s the Facebook event: http://bit.ly/lczf2018"View
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