• @theauthor Just downloaded three of your zines from your etsy store: Dear Anonymous I & II and Don’t Call Me Cupcake. You infuse the zines with your energy by writing so of them by hand. My own once admired “hand” morphed into a scrawl that I could barely read myself. I have added handwriting practice to my daily schedule, and there is some…[Read more]

    • Oh, gosh, thank you for your kind comments! I hope you’ll forgive me when I switch to type in later issues so I can pack more in without the postage going up for the physical versions. Handwriting practice sounds like a good habit to get going. 🙂

  • @theauthor Just wanted to let you know I check into Sea Green Zines on a daily basis. I’m a real newbie, and yours was one of the first sites that came up in a Google search I did several weeks back, it’s good to find a familiar face here at WMZ.

    • Hello Frances! Aw, thank you so much! I am so happy that SGZ could be a space of inspiration for helping you get into the zine world. Thank you so much for the mention.

    • Hi Frances! My name is Joan and I’m a newbie here too. I’m new to creating zines! I use to write newsletters, and had my own publishing business doing that. I also write portry, plus trying to write some short stories. I love mysteries, and I’m a big James Patterson fan. It’s great to make new friends here with similar interests.