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    Contents is an arts/design/culture zine based in Adelaide, Australia. We have a mailbag and it is now open to the world.

    Send in a question or your thoughts on anything related to the arts and creative world and we’ll attempt to word a constructive response back (via our blog).

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    wanna trade anyone?

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    Happy International Zine Month 2017!

  • @theauthor Just downloaded three of your zines from your etsy store: Dear Anonymous I & II and Don’t Call Me Cupcake. You infuse the zines with your energy by writing so of them by hand. My own once admired “hand” morphed into a scrawl that I could barely read myself. I have added handwriting practice to my daily schedule, and there is some…[Read more]

    • Oh, gosh, thank you for your kind comments! I hope you’ll forgive me when I switch to type in later issues so I can pack more in without the postage going up for the physical versions. Handwriting practice sounds like a good habit to get going. 🙂

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    #IZM Day One.

    10 Reasons I like Zines
    Saturday, 01 July 2017

    You can make zines on your own.
    They can be a great way to express yourself.
    They are rewarding to complete.
    Sharing ideas and stories are well received in this format.
    Zines are easy to reproduce.
    They can be printed on demand.
    They can be accessible to anyone.
    There aren’t any r…[Read more]

    • Hi Dre,
      I’m Frances D and a newbie on the zine scene.
      Great list.
      I’m going to my first zine fest Pete’s Mini Zine Fest in Brooklyn, NY – next Saturday,
      While I am in New York I am also visiting the Zine Collection at Barnard College and Bluestockings down on the Lower East Side. I hope to have my first zine(s) completed during IZM. Do you have a…[Read more]

      • Hi Frances!

        That sounds like it will be a great zine-filled weekend in NYC! You have a really substantial list of what to do and see. There is also Quimby’s and Desert Island on Metropolitan Ave close by Pete’s Mini Zine Fest. I have a store envy shop right now. http://dretime.storenvy.com

        • I read that the Zine Fest is kicking off with a reading at Quimby’s. I will definitely check into Desert Island too. I’m off to check out you store. 🙂

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    Happy International Zine Month!

  • @theauthor Just wanted to let you know I check into Sea Green Zines on a daily basis. I\’m a real newbie, and yours was one of the first sites that came up in a Google search I did several weeks back, it\’s good to find a familiar face here at WMZ.

    • Hello Frances! Aw, thank you so much! I am so happy that SGZ could be a space of inspiration for helping you get into the zine world. Thank you so much for the mention.

    • Hi Frances! My name is Joan and I’m a newbie here too. I’m new to creating zines! I use to write newsletters, and had my own publishing business doing that. I also write portry, plus trying to write some short stories. I love mysteries, and I’m a big James Patterson fan. It’s great to make new friends here with similar interests.

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    Hey guys, I make zines and also run a zine vending machine in Perth, WA called \’BO-MART\’. If anyone has something they think would be cool in BO-MART, you can email me some info about your zine to hello@bo-mart.com

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