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    Originally posted on Tumblr ( a while ago with little interest. Is anyone here interested?
    I wanna make a zine centering POC (and other marginalized) atheists and skeptics, because our voices are often unheard. I don’t see us represented in the zine community and elsewhere amongst a sea of messages implying you must be “spiritual” to be culturally connected or a real *insert ethnicity here* and that non religious and non spiritual people are lesser or lacking. These messages are not always said straight out (though I’ve had them said to my face by family and strangers), but they are often implied. Sometimes our communities and families ostracize us or patronize us or treat our beliefs or lack thereof as something sad and negative. I want people to understand that atheism and skepticism and humanist morality can be vital parts of our lives and that our world views don’t make us bad or evil or immoral.

    We may be critical of or disbelieve religious ideas in our search for what is true, but there is a big difference between this and attacking believers themselves. For example, I am critical of and disbelieve beliefs in eternal punishments for finite crimes and am morally opposed to the indoctrination of children with such beliefs as a person who was harmed by this. I don’t attack a person’s character or mind if they have a harsh afterlife belief, but am critical of the belief itself and the effect it can have on vulnerable people.

    Some people seem to take issue with people having a reason for disbelief in specific religious or spiritual beliefs, interpreting this as an attack on people that hold those beliefs. This zine would probably include people’s reasons for not believing or for leaving religion, as this is an important part of our lived experiences. I wouldn’t want this zine to attack people, but in speaking about what we don’t believe in or are morally opposed to, it may be a challenging experience for some people to read. I would want it to at least be challenging to negative beliefs and stereotypes about atheists and skeptics, and also exist as a space for POC and other marginalized atheists and skeptics to not feel alone.

    Anyway, this is half rant and half survey of interest, not an official call for submissions yet. Feel free to like, reblog, or contact me at metaparadox11 at gmail dot com to show that there is interest in this zine idea.

    • I’m interested. My skin is white so I’m “just some white guy” but I am a member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation. My wife is Cherokee. It’s difficult to claim heritage when you are light skinned and do not live on a reservation. You’re not a “real Native American” only a pretendian. I’m also an atheist, vegetarian with anarchistic leanings in side the great state of Texas. So, I pass as the status quo and thus gain those privileges, but I do not here my voice in their rhetoric.