My name is Fre(free) and my Pen Name is Kehmber Raine, at present, I am a horror author working on a book series, movie script, video game, etc. I’ve also been working on a family recipes cookbook, my life story, and a few different children’s books. I am a medically retired Vol. Firefighter and Paramedic.

I zine to relax, stay creative, and blend two of my favorite things to do (writing and paper crafts). In my copious spare time I am the author and creator of the following list of Zines:

Half sheet-fold overs

~ It’s Only My Heart, I Don’t Mind~ Poems and ramblings

~BIG FOOT; Issue 1~ start of series to come

~SUCK IT, LYME!- The Sweet and Sour Life~ possible series to come

~UNTITLED~ collage of the expectations of females over the last 7 decades (human edition) (animals and insects editions coming soon)

~Family Recipes: Issues 1,2, and 3 ~ Each issue has 2 breakfasts,2 dinners, 2 suppers,2 desserts/snacks…continual issues that will someday be a cookbook.

~Supportive Parenting 101-Independence~ ( 1st in series; Tantrums, Food Issues, Siblings of Special Needs, Special Needs, Play Time, Sleep, Potty Training, Education, Learning/ Learning Styles, Birthing Order, Multiple Children, Etc.)


~How To Make A Mini-Zine~

~How To Zine Like They’re Not Watching~

~I Forget The Name Right Now-But It’s This Really Cool Thing~

~Dance!- Yes, You Can! Issue 1~(1st in series; each issue will feature a different dance step)