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    The Word Distro - "Zine Fest this Saturday in Easton, PA"View
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    Nyx - "I am super swamped with life right now, so be sure to email me directly if you need a fast(er) response to anything!"View
    active 21 hours, 27 minutes ago
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    Billy McCall - "Posted a new audio-zine to my site! A super creepy story by a zinester in santa fe! Go listen!"View
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    Josiah Fishspit - "brothers and sisters! brothers and sisters! new wiseblood! let’s trade! also, portland zine symposium this weekend . . . i’ll be there . . . drop by my table and pick up a wiseblood . . . say, “hi” . . . . […]"View
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    kristism - "@queeranthrovegan Hey Casey, if you are in Berlin on July, 26th, feel free to join me and other local zinesters at Zineklatsch #5: Bye and take care, Christian"View
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    Zippity Zinedra - "Thank you @billymccall and @mgholson for donating your zines to The Toronto Zine Library!"View
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    Matthew David Gholson - "@blythespeaks hey would love to trade a couple of my zines for Applicant."View
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    Quasifesto - "My entire IZM 2017 may be stuck on “organize zine collection”"View
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    Zine Art WDM - "A Zine is an awesome medium to express a person’s creativity and get a message out in the world. I love the freedom of indie publishing and creating zines. Art is for everyone. Create, create, create!"View
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    ninazina - "New 24 hour zine finished: From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls"View
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