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    I’m just getting quotes on printing up my zines – how many of you use home printers? Anyone have online printing services – I email files/they print and ship – to recommend? I recently read about a zinester who creates every zine by hand – no two alike – anyone ever try that? The “Name of the Rose” is a favorite film of mine. The scriptorium – where monks wrote and illuminated books by hand – fascinated me.

    • I use my home printer and a few corner stores still have printers to use for 10 cents. i use colored paper to mix it up and I have done one of a kind zines all by hand. Those are fun and I like that ill never see them again once they are gone.

      • I am working on a perzine that is both hand-drawn and hand-written – it’s a lot of fun – but as I just replied to Olivia – I can’t believe I am actually doing it.

    • I mostly use Staples now. They let you print out documents from a flash drive or Google Drive. It’s like 11 cents per side of a page. When I’m at school I use the fancy school printers. Sadly my home printers don’t work for printing zines since they have a half inch margin at the bottom.

      • I got a quote from Staples – the price is okay. My first zine is going to be four back and front 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets (one color and three b&w) folded in half with a card stock cover. My daughter just emailed the specs to a privately owned local place to see if they can do a little (maybe a lot 😉 better. I’m also doing a second perzine – b&w 11″ x 17″ folded and stapled. It’s going to be hand-drawn and written – I was just working on it – I still can not quite believe I’m actually doing it.

    • OMG! Doing each issue by hand? I’d like to see one of those.
      I use an ink-jet printer to create each master page and then make two-sided b&w copies on my (nearly) 20-year old Sharp copier. I occasionally add a few pages with color photos (from the ink-jet printer) and collate/staple everything myself with a Bostitch saddle stapler. I make a first print run of about 45 copies of each issue and send out about 30 to subscribers/traders. The rest go to friends, prospective traders, and distros like Quimby’s NYC which isn’t too far so I can hand-deliver.

      • I checked out that Bostitch Saddle Stapler – looks like a good investment.
        I’m debating about getting myself a printer – any tips on keeping link costs low?

        • I like an ink-jet that uses separate cartridges so you don’t have to replace a three-ink color cartridge just because one color ran out. For that reason, I use a Canon Pixma MX 922; great quality output although I don’t like the paper feed trays (which all the new printers seem to be going to these days). Most ink-jets waste ink to kerp the heads clean though; it’s part of their make-up. I buy ink at Costco or look for deals on eBay to keep costs a little more under control. I don’t trust those refills or compatibles.