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    TWILIGHTS EARLY GLEAMING #1: The Early Existence of Twilight World (zine version)

    For those of you newcomers to my perzine, here is a collection of some early articles and rants slightly reworked and edited for this edition, mainly #1 to #10. Read in disbelieve with my shattered dreams of working at a records stores and failing to survive a comic book job, tag along as I dig up memories of living in Disney Motelland, surviving a screening of Xanadu with fans who were louder (and one off the gaga meter) than me and a tad more.

    This is digest sized, 20 B&W pages with a $3 price tag. Yes, I do trades, so make it count, folks.

    Send them inquires, cash and zines to:

    Don Fields
    266 Ramona Ave.
    Grover Beach, CA