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    Nyx - "The Zine Collector Podcast is now available on: Pippa: YouTube: (search ‘The Zine Collector’) Also on Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Cast Box"View
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    Ed - "Working on a hand-drawn title for a photo zine about the Los Angeles coastline. Still a work in progress, but I am liking it so far. Sadly, it will not be done in time for Long Beach Zine Fest next weekend."View
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    Billy - "I don’t have internet at my house right now. So I’m not on here very often! Email me at iknowbilly AT gmail DOT com for a quicker reply."View
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    Quasifesto - "Zinesters death: I have UNCONFIRMED reports that Stephanie Webb, author of “Crawfish!” Has passed away. Can anyone confirm this? Also, does anyone have any of her work available to purchase or copy?"View
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    Robert - "My perzine “Fixing A Hole” issue #2 is on its way. Common thread will be journaling and literature (a piece about the secret journals of Dutch poet Hans Warren and a piece about the poem “Het Herinneringspaleis” […]"View
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    Kari Tervo - "I’m sharing my art to a soon-to-be-posted General Discussion forum topic called “What Else Do You Get Up To?” Come share what you like to do outside of zining!"View
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    Metaparadox - "Hmm… How can I get the Litchfield County Zine Fest added to the Events page? Here’s the Facebook event:"View
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