• Billy McCall posted an update in the group Group logo of Zine DonationZine Donation 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hey there! I’m constantly reading zines! Want me to donate them some where? Send me a prompt, I’ll send some along. If possible, it’d be cool to be paypal’ed a few bucks to cover shipping, but I’ll send them either way. xoxo.

    • I would love some zines! I can send you some money via Paypal. Email me at with more info and I’ll email you back with my shipping info and Paypal info.

      • Oh, if you just intended for this to be for zine libraries and such, ignore my comment. I didn’t see this was in the Zine Donations group. But hmu if you ever want to trade some old zines for some of mine.

    • Tiny Boat would love some zines if you still have some to share!!! Happy to paypal some cash too. We are in Australia so might be a bit more expensive….

    • If you’d like to send a few of your zines to the Toronto Zine Library, I could help with the shipping costs.