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  • I’m just getting quotes on printing up my zines – how many of you use home printers? Anyone have online printing services – I email files/they print and ship – to recommend? I recently read about a zinester who creates every zine by hand – no two alike – anyone ever try that? The “Name of the Rose” is a favorite film of mine. The scriptorium -…[Read more]

    • I use my home printer and a few corner stores still have printers to use for 10 cents. i use colored paper to mix it up and I have done one of a kind zines all by hand. Those are fun and I like that ill never see them again once they are gone.

      • I am working on a perzine that is both hand-drawn and hand-written – it’s a lot of fun – but as I just replied to Olivia – I can’t believe I am actually doing it.

    • I mostly use Staples now. They let you print out documents from a flash drive or Google Drive. It’s like 11 cents per side of a page. When I’m at school I use the fancy school printers. Sadly my home printers don’t work for printing zines since they have a half inch margin at the bottom.

      • I got a quote from Staples – the price is okay. My first zine is going to be four back and front 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets (one color and three b&w) folded in half with a card stock cover. My daughter just emailed the specs to a privately owned local place to see if they can do a little (maybe a lot 😉 better. I’m also doing a second perzine – b&w 11″ x…[Read more]

    • OMG! Doing each issue by hand? I’d like to see one of those.
      I use an ink-jet printer to create each master page and then make two-sided b&w copies on my (nearly) 20-year old Sharp copier. I occasionally add a few pages with color photos (from the ink-jet printer) and collate/staple everything myself with a Bostitch saddle stapler. I make a…[Read more]

      • I checked out that Bostitch Saddle Stapler – looks like a good investment.
        I’m debating about getting myself a printer – any tips on keeping link costs low?

        • I like an ink-jet that uses separate cartridges so you don’t have to replace a three-ink color cartridge just because one color ran out. For that reason, I use a Canon Pixma MX 922; great quality output although I don’t like the paper feed trays (which all the new printers seem to be going to these days). Most ink-jets waste ink to kerp the heads…[Read more]

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    @paginallena I have made some photo zines and if you send me an address I would be happy to contribute my zines to your growing library.

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    How do y’all go about encouraging people to submit to your Zine? I know building community takes time, but when is the right time to reach out? Do y’all directly ask people or just wait till they come to you?

    • Usually post a call for submissions either here or using different social media platforms (tumblr, twitter, facebook.) There are different zine groups you can submit a call for submissions to. You can ask friends via facebook or in person. Depending on when you want the zine completed, you can post a call and see what comes back.

  • Is it a good idea to distribute my zines by leaving them in places like laundermats, coffee shops, libraries, grocery stores, etc.?

    • libraries and coffeeshops are great places to start!! i would also look into any bookstores, record stores, co-ops, music venues, that sort. you can also do trades with other people in the zine community, and zine festivals are awesome! i’ve even known people who have done zine release parties at their houses. hope this helps!

      • Thanks Jimmy, we have no coffee shops here other than Dunkin Donuts, and it’s a very small store. No records shops, co-ops, or music stores either. We do have plenty of laundermats, I could leave some zones there. Most of the stores here are now owned by Pakistanis, Bangladesh, etc.

  • Yes, it’s International Zine Month 2017!

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    Posted by CocoaPuss Zine on March 3, 2009

    so i just posted my first zine on etsy and on myspace and so far i’ve sold one. i want to sell the other 7 that i have listed and get some sort of following but i’m not sure how to go about that. i think the first step would be getting a digital…[Read more]

    • Nyx replied 7 months ago

      Reply by Shotgun Seamstress on March 4, 2009 at 4:26pm

      hey girl,

      i’d say the first step is making connections with people, just like you’re doing on here. do you live near a city where a zine symposium or zine fair happens? would you be able to make it down to portland for the zine symposium? that’s a good place to start. you’ll meet a lot of…[Read more]

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    PERZINE ETHICS (from old WMZ)
    Posted by eddie willson on December 30, 2008

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I wanted to get people’s thoughts on the ethics of writing a perzine. Although I’ve done a few how-to zines and a zine of short fiction, I’m procrastinating like mad about getting on with my first perzine because of…[Read more]

    • Nyx replied 7 months ago

      Reply by Hannah on December 30, 2008 at 4:46pm

      i’m struggling with similar things right now, as i’m writing about a break-up and the emotions that followed. i always change the names (or just use initials) of people involved in my life, and if there’s a likely chance they’ll read the zine, i try to be as fair and non-inflammatory as possible,…[Read more]

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    TIPS FOR WRITER’S BLOCK? (Copied from old WMZ)
    Posted by Kate on October 19, 2008 at 12:53pm

    What helps you to write/feel inspired?
    Do you do writing exercises or just wait until inspiration strikes?

    I usually feel inspired at this time of the year with all the autumn changes going on around me, but this time round I just feel lethargic and…[Read more]

    • Nyx replied 7 months ago

      Reply by Bri Zine on October 19, 2008 at 1:39pm

      hmmm you said you tried reading other zines but what i do is kind of make an exercise out of something someone else did in their zine- a to z lists, writing on certain topics/responding to a piece in their zine that interested me, etc. a few zines sometimes write things and then even say they think…[Read more]

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    PRICING YOUR ZINE (Copied from old WMZ
    Posted by Rhonda on January 19, 2009 at 5:42pm

    So, I just caught up on the thread about reselling zines, and I was thinking about zine pricing… How do you guys price yours?

    The cost of the paper? Do you include anything to compensate for your time?

    Here’s where I’m at. ReStyle is the first zine I have…[Read more]

    • Nyx replied 7 months ago

      Reply by Rhonda on January 19, 2009 at 7:40pm

      Oh, trust me, utilities are certainly higher priority! If it comes to it, I’d rather drop my cable television and my internet service and my cell phone before I let it affect my creative endeavors, though!


      Reply by Anna on January 19, 2009 at 8:45pm

      My black and white zines are all $1 right…[Read more]

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    What Not to do in a Zine! (copied from old WMZ)
    Posted by Krissy Ponyboy Press on October 4, 2008 at 12:25pm

    Hi Everybody,

    I was just going through a pile of zines I have. Some as old as 4 years. I was looking for a few particular ones, but thought I would separate them as ones I know I want to keep and ones to look at/read later.

    As I was…[Read more]

    • Replies from old WMZ:
      Reply by lofipi on October 5, 2008 at 1:00am
      Great topic!

      1. I would recommend not leaving pages unnumbered unless the numbers severely inhibit the style you’re going for. I know it makes it harder to collate the pages (uhhh….) but it’s worth it for the reader because even non-rubber-band-bound pages can become unbound.…[Read more]