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    James N. Dawson

    I need a page of 1 inch x 2.25 inch display ads, one-inch down and 2.25 across. It’s a rectangle lying flat. In 3 columns. With borders. All lines centered.

    It will say:
    Prisoners seeking pen pals, romance, friendship, conversation, help.
    Send $1 + SASE to: James N. Dawson (CFG), P.O. Box 950, 99201, USA

    I’ll accept a PDF or snail mail hardcopy. Whatever’s easiest for you.

    I’ll fill a 9 x 12 priority envelope with zines and/or mail art to you for payment. Let me know what genres you prefer, I’ll try to send those, if I can.

    I used to do my own ads on my old computer with Word 97, but that broke down or became hopelessly malfunctional. I don’t have time or want to learn how to use the newer programs or mess with the technicalities of uploads and all that. (Boring.)



    Did anyone do this for you yet? If not, I’ll make them!


    James N. Dawson

    No, you’re the first to respond! Thank you!

    I’ll start getting an envelope packed for you right away. Let me know if there’s any genre you like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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