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    *Maximum RocknRoll is always taking zines for review be sure to include a price and contact info http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/contact/

    *Xerography Debt has a whole zine dedicated to zines and zine reviews.

    *Zine Nation – https://zinenation.org

    *I (Nyx) review zines on (most) Thursdays and Fridays on my blog http://www.seagreenzines.com


    I made a zine review blog! http://oliviareadszines.wordpress.com/

    This blog will mostly be zine reviews, but I’ll also post about my zine projects, zine fests I attend (and organize), photos of my zine collection, and other zine-related stuff. My oliviaszines tumblr will still be somewhat active, but mostly for reblogging calls for submissions. This blog will be my new zine hub. That way my projects and writing won’t get drowned out by all the reblogs.

    I’m not currently seeking out people to send me review copies of zines, and will be focusing more on zines already in my collection or that I purchase for myself or trade for, but if you really want your zine reviewed, either send me a pdf or we could arrange a physical trade. I’m going to try to limit myself to having 5 such zines waiting for review at any given time, so I don’t overwhelm myself. Right now I’ve got three slots open. Yes! Someone already asked me to review two of their zines!

    The reviews I write aren’t going to be about whether the zines are “good” or “bad,” but about how I got them and how they impacted and intertwined with my life, what they contain and how they’re laid out, and who might be most interested in reading them. And of course I’ll give basic info about each zine, like title, author, size, number of pages, etc. Also, it’s nice to have an excuse to show off my zine collection! I’ve already got several reviews up, and I have more scheduled. Check it out!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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