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    Zine Art WDM

    Sometime music can spark some inspiration.
    What are you listening to now? Can you share it in a link?

    Right now I’m listening to Swedish House Mafia it’s bringing back some good memories.

    When I created my first zine. I was listening to Swedish House Mafia. It can be pretty cool getting caught up in beats that stir your imagination.

    I just wanted to create something of my very own. A memorable work of art, a gift to share with talent that I wanted to make art with. My way of saying thank you.

    It started as a gift, it grew into an E-zine and now my zine is being viewed in many countries. It will be interesting to see what it grows into. It was a lot of fun following the inspiration and putting it together. A zine is such a versatile art form. It’s a great genre.

    I’ll leave a link below for those who may be interested in viewing it.



    Stephen Ambrosius

    T.S.O.L., Social Distortion, Descendants, Minor Threat, surf music, psychobilly…

    The latest T.S.O.L. album, “The Trigger Complex” is in constant rotation on my iphone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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