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    Jenna Appleseed

    I’ve finally managed to get my Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) fanzine finished . (ugh – zines are hard) *rolling_eyes*

    PDF only as until recently I’ve mostly not had access to printers/photocopiers. (still hoping to do a print issue in the future when I get enough hi-res content)

    It’s more indie / art /wandering into perzine style than trad Beach Boys/music fanzine.

    Contents include: photo features inc. unofficial t-shirts from Bathroom Wall, a personal Valentine’s Day tribute; what Dennis, The Tug Of Love, & You Are So Beautiful mean to me – including a little bit about being on the autistic spectrum & emotionally abused., Dennis Wilson For President t-shirts, thoughts on a spot of facebook wtf***ery re Dennis, Carrie Fisher & the Inauguration (a combined kinda rant re claims The (current touring) Beach Boys were going to play at the Inauguration / tribute to Carrie Fisher), an appropriate quote from Dennis; photos by Erin nicole , Star Wars mash up art by Why The Longplay face?; tributes to a lost mate; why this zine is fundraising for homelessness charity Simon On The Streets – including my thoughts and quotes re Dennis’ support & connection with homeless people.; Forever inspired artwork by Gino Dal Cin; a competition to win a vinyl replica cd of Pacific Ocean Blue plus more…

    Content/trigger warning: contains brief mentions of abuse and mental illness, and a small amount of swearing.
    & if you’re avoiding current US politics it’s best to skip pages 46-48.

    It’s pay what you want/ pay what you feel on gumroad (minimum £1), & all proceeds minus fees will be going to grassroots homeless charity, Simon On The Streets.

    68 page pdf £1+

    Thoughts Of You fanzine issue one cover art

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    Jenna Appleseed

    It’s now up on Itch too

    Still pay what you feel, minimum $1.

    Jenna Appleseed

    I just replied but my reply isn’t showing

    Jenna Appleseed

    It’s free on itch & reduced on gumroad until some point tomorrow

    Holiday sale ends 6:00pm on itch (I’m not not sure what timezone)

    and it’ll end on gumroad when I remember to change the price back.

    (both are pay as you feel so you can pay more that 0 or 59p if you want and all profit will go to homelessness charity Simon On The Streets).

    eta: looks like trying to include two links hit some kind of spam filter?

    Jenna Appleseed

    How much money I’ve raised & donated to charity from sales of issue 1 so far

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