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    Soloman Tump

    I am proud to finally announce Issue#3 of my ongoing electronic music zine, Snare/Rush.

    I write about extreme forms of electronic music, taking in techno, IDM, ‘core and noise and anything experimental that takes my fancy.

    Issue#3 contains (amongst other things)
    * An interview with Oxford based drone-wizard Lee Riley
    * A review of my experiences at Supernormal Festival 2017
    * An interview with the electronic alien life form known as Qebrus
    * An introduction to ⠽D⠑E⠎T⠙H⠕W⠕A⠍V⠼E⠃music
    * A music / numbers quiz
    * Music and literature reviews
    *Techno Topographia: EU & Russia & slightly beyond edition
    *Bad artist names
    * News, artwork, lists, stuff and more things that I like

    Purchases can be made at the BLISST link below, but also happy to trade / barter/ paypal

    Issue#2 is also available at for free download / pdf view if you want, or a couple of paper copies still exist via the BLISST shop.

    Thanks for reading and happy to answer any questions!

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