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    Which do you prefer? Saddle stapler or a long reach (alligator) style? I went with an old swing line saddle stapler I found for an ok deal on eBay some time ago. If you line the paper up with the one side you can pretty consistently put 2 nicely spaced staples on a half page zine. Anyone out there stitching? Other methods of zine binding? Hopefully the days of rubber bands are behind us!



    I have a long arm stapler so that’s what I use. It’s not necessarily a preference. It’s just the best tool I have available for the job.


    Dale Harkness

    Great question, Darkroomist! I have both but typically prefer the saddle stapler. The long reach stapler is a Pilot 412 I found in a thrift store while the saddle stapler came from Craigslist and is a Salco Rapid 106 dual head electric.

    The Pilot is good for stapling together a single copy such as a first draft. As for the Salco, it isn’t always easy to get aligned on the booklet’s spine but it does save time when I have more than one zine to staple since it only takes one press of the foot-pedal to insert both staples simultaneously.


    Billy McCall

    I have a Swingline long arm and it always works for me. I think for most zines, long arms are better. Saddles are good for oversize projects, but those are not all that common.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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