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    I don’t read every issue of Razorcake, but I probably should. It never disappoints me. I find some of the articles a bit long, but when they don’t interest me, I just move on. Good interviews, and TONS of record/CD reviews for all the music nerds out there.

    My three favorite parts of Razorcake are:

    #1 – Zine review section. Good reviews that tell you just enough about a zine to know whether or not you would like it. They don’t hack and slash zines they don’t like, and they aren’t over-the-top praise for ones they do. They tell you what a zine is and let you decide.

    #2 – One Punk’s Guide – This is one of the best ongoing columns in any zine or magazine today, punk or otherwise. This section takes a topic, then gives you an in-depth history and explanation that is easy to understand, and coming from a punk rock viewpoint. Past topics include pinball, country music, and rap music. This issue was a punk’s guide to professional wrestling, and it was a fantastic read.

    #3 – Puro Pinche Poetry – The only time I’ve enjoyed poetry in a zine. Bilingual poems from a POC perspective. Various poets, all the poems are good.

    If you don’t read Razorcake, you should. It’s like, $4.

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