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    This publication is a gold mine just looking to be snipped up!



    I agree, but another thought, Has anyone ever gotten in trouble with using newer magazines for collage? I try to stick to ones over ten years old. Less likely that anyone would ever recognize a specific image came from a famous photographer.
    I guess if you’re not making a profit on the zine, no one will sue you?



    I’ve not really thought about it. If a photographer is not flattered by the fact I used their image, then I will apologize and cease and desist. 😀

    Someone compiled the answers for you too!

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    Yeah, it is a copyright issue for sure. But zines are such small run and zinesters are (usually) not millionaires, so the chances that someone would come after you is really slight. I would say clip up those magazines and get to pasting.
    *** Although, if there is anyone on this site who is a zinester AND a lawyer I would love to ask you a few questions!***

    I dig collage, and while I have some public domain material, I wind up using mostly my own images and drawings as they are the only materials I can be 100% sure are safe to use.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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