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    Frances DeMartino

    Working on my first zine since my return from NYC on 7/12. It originally was going to be about my first zine fest, but so much led up to that adventure that the title has gone from: My First Zine Fest My First Zine to My Zine Journey So Far…
    I visited two great zine collections; one at the Sarah Doyle Center in Providence, RI & the other at Barnard in NYC.
    I have spoken with zinesters who have been at it for years, and newbs like me.
    My personal zine collection is growing – how I love reading them.
    Glossy color pages, black & white on copy paper stapled by hand, from hand-folded minis to perfect bound collections.
    I just recently re-read Nyxia Grey’s Stephen King FanZine “Boo-ya Moon.” I’m a fan of King myself, but I came away from my readings feeling as if I had a personal conversation with Nyxia.
    I’m going through my digital photo collections looking for pics to accompany some poetry I recently wrote, and I actually am trying my hand at drawing a comic. The kids are cheering me on.
    By time I’m done I might have three completed first zines.
    I thought blogging was going to be what released the artist within.
    And blogging was great for 18 years.
    You name the type of blog, and I tried it. Personal blogs, group blogs, audio, on the go mobile blogs, photo…on every platform: WordPress dot come, Blogger, Square Space, Mindsay, tumblr, Yahoo 360, Multiply, women dot come, about dot come, Xanga…
    I had fun with my blogs, I wrote a lot, and I met some amazing blogger both on and offline, but seriously this is what I need to be doing.
    I always knew it I guess – I just wasn’t ready for it till now.


    Julius Smit

    I am very excited to hear about your visits to two great zine collections, Frances, and your conversations with other zinesters. This is so indicative of how opportunities often confirm or push us in other directions.

    A week ago I went to a recently opened gallery in my town of Eastbourne, UK, to look at a wonderful photography exhibition. Afterwards, I spoke to the invigilator and somehow we got talking about zines. A few days later, I went to see the gallery programme manager, and this led to the idea of me running the first zine making workshop in the gallery, to be held in October! Amazing, and I’ll be posting about this later on WMZ.


    Frances DeMartino

    Julius that is awesome. Wish I could attend it. Looking forward to reading all about it in your post.
    Waving at you from Old Cape Cod.

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