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    Make a Zine! is a quick interesting read. It was written at the zenith of the zine explosion when an estimated 50,000 issues were available. This tome demonstrates the lengths it took to make a zine before access to computers and the internet were a given. It goes without saying that a book of this age will have swaths of outdated information. The whole section on postage, lineography, half toning images, and most of the resources in the appendixes (few have urls!) can be skipped without consequence. Still certain aspects ring true. The part about selecting a computer recommends more than once you buy the biggest monitor you can afford. Still sage word for laying out pages. There are other great wealths of information from making computer less zines, to what you probably can and can’t get away with in print, to advice for zinesters (he calls them ziners, isn’t that adorable?) that specialize in adult/queer subject matter. This book is a thorough look into creating zines that covers a wide field very well.

    There is a sort of sadness in reading Make a Zine! Reading what it was like in the eye of the cultural zine hurricane when it was at its strongest casts today’s zine environment in a rather subdued light. This despite having all the advancements and resources to make a zine faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. What offsets this sadness is the authors enthusiasm for the potential of the medium. Obviously he wants to help people get into making zines. His excitement is palpable throughout.

    Make a Zine! is a great read from a practical and historical standpoint, and also in terms of bringing some of the exhilaration and anticipation from the past into the present.

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