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    Printers can be all over the place but I thought it’d be good to get a thread going on the printers we use, the pros and cons, etc and provide a place for people to ask questions.

    Personally I have a Laserjet 4000. These are pretty awesome mid-size printers. They’re big compared to most all-in-ones or inkjet printers but not freestanding or anything. They’re super dependable, you can put a million prints on them with just routine maintenance. Toner is cheap. I got mine with a duplexer so I can print both sides in one run. A must is a “directjet” card that lets you plug the printer in the ethernet port on your router. It’s a laser printer so the quality is reasonable. In powersave mode it only uses 23w and it’s cheap to max out the memory (actual sticks you buy and install!). It has a drop down loading tray you can use for card stock. There’s tons of them and every operating system has builtin drivers for it. Did I mention you put a whole ream in the paper drawer? You can hop on ebay and have one to your door for $130-ish.

    It does have some limitations. The first being the ethernet connection being the most convenient and that’s getting less so every year. There’s no touchscreen so configuring requires navigating menus on a tiny screen with like 4 buttons. It’s b&w only. It tends to boost contrast and darken images. It’s pretty loud when running and it’s power hungry when printing. Finally it’s not a small piece of equipment nor is it light.

    Lastly if you run out of paper you’re get the PC LOAD LETTER error just like in the movie “Office Space”! 🙂

    If you print your own what do you use? What’s cool about it and would you recommend it?


    Billy McCall

    I have a Lexmark printer/scanner. Good quality (prints and scans) but uses up ink like crazy! Cheap printer, like $200, but not a good deal for someone who prints as much as I do.


    I’ve spent way to much money on inkjet printers in the past.

    I’ve got a laserjet 4+ that I purchased for 25 dollars many years ago. It was recently printing like crap and I figured out the problem was a bad toner cart. This printer is now 26 years old and the toner carts have been discontinued for awhile. About a year ago I bought a genuine one that was sealed as you can now buy them for 20 bucks. Apparently this one had been stored in a bad environment because the wipers were not working and it was dumping toner all over the place.

    I also have a Canon Pro-100, this is by far the best inkjet I’ve ever owned and often times you can buy them on sale with rebate for less then the price of ink carts. I’ve done a couple zine prints with it just printing a few copies, and it’s really to expensive to use, but I have recently got a refill kit for it.


    New Printer arrived today, it spits out a zine in about 2 minutes. Also see my very neat and organized work space.




    Sweet! What’d that set you back if you don’t mind me asking?


    its a 4300dtn that has been refurbished. I made an offer of 225 shipped and got it.



    I have a Canon printer/scanner. I like it, as it does save space (very important giving my tiny apartment) and I can print in color (for my photozines) but the margins are unpredictable and uneven. The bottom margin is always much wider than the top, thought he left and right are pretty even. I generally take photozines out to a print shop.
    I have been thinking about one of these Xerox Phaser 6022, thermal wax printer:

    Xerox Phaser 6022 Printer

    Has anyone ever used one?


    It looks like a run of the mill color laser, don’t know about thermal wax? Probably be a good printer for small runs if you want color.


    Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

    I use Epson inkjet printers for my books. I either need to find cheap, but decent, commercial printers for my zines or get into full color laser printers. Inkjet is too $. But I need to keep inkjet for my photography.

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