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    Chris M.

    What do you do when you want to work on a zine/art in general? Do you listen to music, go to a certain place, pet your cat 10 times, something different? Please share!

    I usually put on music that I can zone out to, something dreamy and/or not super lyric heavy. Lyrics can distract me. I also always feel most creative in the evening, so I usually end up doing stuff around 7 PM. Preferably I’ll have my apartment to myself, too, so it helps if both of my roomies are at work. I’m very self-conscious of my work, and don’t want people to see it until complete.


    Zippity Zinedra

    I don’t do anything remotely fascinating. I TRY to give myself a due date and work on my zine a bit everyday until it’s supposed to be done. Am still trying to iron out the details of it all though.
    When not working on the zine, I play with my cat, draw, write, read books, read zines, read comics, watch a movie, etc etc etc. Anything to take me away from the zine, step back from it, so as to not feel this huge responsibility as to how the zine is typically suppose to look, sound, how folks will respond to it or what genre it’s supposed to be. Remaining true to myself is key.
    This is how I keep my creative sauces going.


    Meeni Levi

    One thing I’ve found super helpful both when making zines and working on other writing projects is to go to writing hang-outs.

    I was introduced to that concept when doing NaNoWriMo and going to my first “write-in”. Basically, just ask a bunch of creative people to come work with you in a café/someone’s house/some kind of public space/… Everybody works on their own project, without pressure to share anything with anybody else, but whenever you need to take a break you’ll have people to talk to, and it can be really inspiring to spend time and talk with other creative types!

    I also find it pretty great that it “forces” me to dedicate a certain amount of type specifically to my zinning/writing, because I have trouble keeping the good old procrastination at bay sometimes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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