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    Just thought I’d explain the forums vs groups on this site. Our idea is that forums are where zinesters can get together and engage in broad conversations on our favorite topic. Groups are where you can narrow down that interest into niches by genre, location, etc. Anyone can make a group while only admins can make a forum.

    For example I’m into photozines but I can talk to zine enthusiast about how I made my zine, where I sell it, how to promote it, etc. Photozines should be a group while the broader topics of the community is encourage to be in the forums.

    If you think a new forum should be added feel free to reccomend it here. 🙂

    Now there is a bug in the creating of a group. There is an option to create a forum. Please do not select this option. All it does is create a link in the forum page to your group. The admins will delete these to keep the forums consistent and consistent with the design goal. It’s free software and it is what it is. It’s still a new site and new experience for many of us so no harm meant or felt about this loophole.

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